View Full Version : Genetic Links to Schizophrenia-New Hope

21-09-15, 17:29
This is an interesting article that came across my feed:


Repairing the brain: Two genes unlock potential for treatment of schizophrenia
The same two genes have been implicated in the development of schizophrenia before, but this paper shows the relationship between the two.

"Interneurons receive BDNF via a transport system run by DTNBP1. This can be likened to the delivery of a parcel: DTNBP1 is the driver of the delivery van and without the driver, the parcel BDNF cannot be delivered to the required destination. Without BDNF, the abnormal circuit development and brain network activity observed in schizophrenia patients results.
Additionally, Dr. Je and his team also found that when BDNF levels were restored, brain development and activity were rescued and returned to more normal levels, despite the absence of DTNBP1.

While the two genes DTNBP1 and BDNF have been singled out as risk genes for schizophrenia in studies before, this is the first study to show that the two function together. Pinpointing the importance of the abnormal delivery of BDNF has shed considerable insight into how the brain network develops. It also presents possibilities for potential treatments for schizophrenia designed around enhancing BDNF levels."

I sure hope they're right, but color me skeptical; I can't even begin to count how many papers have come out saying that researchers are on the brink of some wonderful break through with cancer, or Parkinson's, or schizophrenia.

Anyway, here's the link to the actual paper.