View Full Version : i1 subclade predictors comparison

29-10-15, 21:32
I hve recieved my ftdna 67 marker results and have used Terry Robb,s predictor and seem to be ABB cluster but with JimCullen /Ken Nordvedt predictor it gave me 2 diferent results but both with over 60% reading I-M253-1313 with smaller percentages of other I1 subclades.My query is which is correct?

22-01-17, 04:56
1313 is the one to go with. Also, Eupedia has been updated and AS1313 now corresponds with SNP S2268. I1-M253>DF29>Z58>Z138>S2293>Z2541>S2268 See Haplogroup I1 on Eupedia for further details.

30-01-17, 00:17
Can you share YDNA results, as I am also 99% for 1313, and it is very rare as you say.