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08-11-15, 15:25
By Rudaw (http://rudaw.net/english/authors/rudaw) 6 minutes ago

DOHUK, Kurdistan Region - A cemetery containing at least 1,000 graves was recently discovered in Dohuk province, stumping scientists who say it is unlike any similar site they are aware of.

In an effort to uncover the history of the graveyard, Professor Alessandro Kanji will take samples to Italy for testing. Four of the unique graves will be displayed in the Dohuk Museum.

An expert told Rudaw that some of the graves appear to date to the earliest era of Islam.

early era of Islam means 600 AD. That was the time of Adiabene when various Iranic groups such as Parthians, Orontes (unknown Iranic groups) and Sarmatian tribes such as Alani/Silices who were brought in by the Parthians for assistance against Rome, were settled.

However one of the archeologists says that some are even pre early Islamic era and some post, some of them even from common era. Points to that this site was throughout the history all the way to common era used as a graveyard by the people.

The reporter states that the site is dated as far back as 1800 BC.

08-11-15, 21:03
Nice secluded place between mountains and a river.

I can't wait for genetic study of this area going back till Early Neolithic.

PS. Don't let the Daesh barbarians to destroy it. ;)