View Full Version : Y67 haplo_subclade prediction

12-11-15, 21:46
Haplo_i1 subclade probabilities
These are my predictions_ i_m253_1313=58% i_m253_nd=11% i_m253_as7e=7% i_l22_n=7% i_m253_asgen=6% i_m253_as2=4% i_l22_bothnia=4% question where does this place me on the phylogenic tree?

29-06-16, 07:23
i_m253_1313=AS1313 Most likely it would put you as follows: M253>DF29>Z58>Z138 Do you have the following values? DYS389i=12, DYS389ii=29, DYS607=13, DYS487=15, DYS557=15 or greater.