View Full Version : European Identity: come from people's lives or given from above?

16-11-15, 17:49
Hello everyone!
I try to write some article about eropean identity and that's because I want to ask you next question.
What is the eropean identity for you: it's something that came from people's lives(daily communication,experience etc.) or identity is constructed by EU's politicians and giving from above?
Thanks for attention, if you will pay attention)

17-11-15, 02:11
Identifying with European culture and geographic Europe, location.
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17-11-15, 10:29
Thank you.

17-11-15, 15:27
Europe was born end 15th century.
It was the era of enlightnment.
It was the beginning of secular thinking.
It was when Europe was strong enough and no longer threatened by foreign invaders, and Europeans themselves started to explore - and colonise - other continents.

19-11-15, 14:30
It's mostly about Holy Roman Empire.