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18-11-15, 22:15
Two Poles

There are two powers, or poles, that are engaged in an absolute, mortal and existential struggle, in the present, past and future. The one pole is Eurasia, 'continent', or 'land power', and is represented by Heartland in Mackinder's vision; historically it was represented by Sparta and Rome and it is teleocratic (a top-down hierarchy exists instead of a 'network'). On the other hand, there is 'seapower', or 'sea civilization', that was historically represented by Carthage or Athens. The Continental Power is heroic, conservative, and spiritual. Sea Power is democratic, materialistic and market-oriented. There is also this dualism in Zombart's vision of the hero and the merchant. There is a civilization of heroes, maybe a bad civilization, but one of heroes. There is a civilization of merchants, maybe a good civilization, but of merchants.

That doesn't say who is right and who is wrong, or who is good and who is evil, but there is a direct conflict between these two types of civilizations. Naturally Russians and Germans and Austrians and at some level other continental Europeans are on the side of Heartland/land power. That's according to the analysis of Carl Schmitt, Carl Haushofer and other geopoliticians. The Anglo-Saxon world and the US are the other pole. There is a kind of everlasting conflict between the two civilizations, represented on one hand by land power (Russia, which represents its mission under Putin's rule) and the US, as a creation of the Anglo-Saxon world –sea power. That was the opinion of the US/UK geopoliticians as well as Germans and Russians; this is a shared vision. There is another aspect to this conflict.

Sea Power represents modernity and time, whereas Land Power represents eternity and tradition and is naturally conservative. Modernization, liberalization, democratization, and globalization are on the side of sea power.

There are those from each part of the world that have the set of values common to the other side, but these are odd 'transgender' types and should be written off as irrelevant. There are ‘natural’ alliances and ‘unnatural’ crossover types, just like it is natural for a man to be a man and for a woman to be a woman. If these things are optional features, we lose the sense of what is male and what is female. Land Power and Sea Power will always exist and define the respective natures of the residents of these countries. One cannot expect complete change. One side might declare victory over the other, but neither will change. There is a natural dichotomy that exists, as with heaven and earth, fire and water, etc. These are natural manifestations.

At the same time, there is a vision, central to the continental view, which reflects the position of the Christian church. The church presents an additional factor attached to heartland – it is an eternal, conservative, traditional force. Christianity considers history from the standpoint of its practitioners. It is connected with the concept of Katehon, and identifies the enemy with the person of the Antichrist.

From a Land Power point of view in a religious context, the Heartland is equal to Katehon – a person mentioned by St. Paul, who is regarded as the Emperor and prevents the Antichrist from arriving in the world. So geopolitically, the Heartland allows good to overcome evil.

Anglo-Saxon worldviews

Anglo-Saxon fundamentalist American Protestants also consider themselves to be the Katehon, and see Russia as Gog/Magog (In Ezekiel's prophecy, Gog is the leader of a great army that attacks the land of Israel). This view is held by dispensationalists, followers of the Scofield Reference Bible, and the majority of right-wing Americans. A second part of the political establishment focuses on Realism but also values Geopolitics. They focus on America's rational interests abroad – its need for resources, etc. Additionally, there is a third group of Americans that see America as the defender of "universal values" – human rights, democracy, world peace and liberalism. They also rely on a dualistic world view. They see the 'enemy' as those that need to be democratized and liberalized.

From all three of these 'Sea Power' viewpoints, Russia is the enemy. The first group sees Russia as Gog/Magog, the second group sees Russia as a rival player for power in a world which challenges America's ability to dominate capital and scarce resources, and the third group demonizes Russia for not adopting liberal values, such as democracy, liberalism, feminism, gay rights, etc. Each group may use the other groups or their views to buttress its own vision of the rival power (Russia).
America matters because it is the center of the current global hegemony and can't be dismissed. Americans may be dreamers, but the American dream has come true. We must understand and appreciate the ramifications of this fact: the American set of ideas is the most powerful – the dominant idea or set of ideas.

Allies in Europe

Our idea is to create an alternative point of view, an alternative identity, which we are calling Katehon, Continentalism or Eurasia. We can spin it as being left, right, secular or religious. We can associate it with Germany or Russia. It is an affirmation of eternal values. In different ways, it represents other Europeans as well, but Russians and Germans can be said to be great people. The Anglo-Saxons have always maintained a goal of driving a wedge between Germany and Russia, as these constitute the dominant old powers on the European continent. Mackinder said so himself. Napoleon (dubbed an ‘antichrist’ by many and the culmination of the French Revolution and its characteristically anti-Christian, enlightenment values) also wanted to destroy the second pole. The struggle between the poles has always existed.

We must identify the main spaces where this struggle exists. The most problematic space is Europe, because it has dual identities. Europe is a battleground: On one side it is Katehon and on the other is the antichrist. Russia and the Anglo-Saxon world have a singular identity – every Russian is a Eurasianist – this is our 'gender' destiny – Germans are like this too. Every Russian and every normal German (the proportions are different) is a Eurasianist, but much of Europe lies between these poles and the continent has a double identity. We should have continental Europe represented by a different set of groups, tendencies, cultural trends, historical organizations, and psychological attitudes… it should be more natural. Europe should be represented by this worldview – it's not that we simply want it. Europe’s identity is the same as this continental identity. It's precisely a continental identity that has been central to European history since the Greco-Roman era: it was based on eternal views, tradition, religion and so on.

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Good base for fictional novel, or Worldkraft sequel. What you wrote is typical Armageddon based in Judeo-christian heritage. As usual it bluntly ignores other religions, cultures and nations. It says nothing about far East for example, the future super center of the world with China, Japan and Indonesia and others having most of world GDP and money. It ignores Africa where by some estimates 4 billion of people will live by year 2100, 2/5 of world population.

Christians are waiting for the end of the world for 2000 years now. They thought Christ would return soon, not later than in 100 years. Then thought that surly he would return at year 1,000, such a nice round figure. Well, boobkas. There were many predictions end of the world through last one thousand years, and nothing happened. Do we remember how many gurus predicted the end of the world at year 2,000? Well, nothing happened. We should forget that Antichrist was seen in Hitler and Stalin and WW2 was the Armageddon.
Now it is 2015 and world is progressing and growing.
Soon we will have automated cars and robots in every city and every house. I'm sure many will predict demise of this sick world, with R2D2 being Antichrist and Terminator leading Armageddon.

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It's not a judeo-christian vision, it just seems to be inspired by Carl Schmitt

20-11-15, 17:41
It's not a judeo-christian vision, it just seems to be inspired by Carl Schmitt
So why it only describes a Christian world?

20-11-15, 18:28
So why it only describes a Christian world?
Well, I didn't read the second half of the text which is a judeo-christian vision, I was focusing on the first half which is the Mackinder/Haushoffer/Schmitt geopolitical stuffs.