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22-11-15, 02:47
Orphans and poor children

The Soviets, I read, used orphans to create the KGB as the orphans would be truly loyal to their benefactors.

The Turks raided Christians children in the Balkans to create the Janissaries.

The oil-rich Arabs in the Persian Gulf donated to charities to fund madrassas, religious schools for orphans and poor children abandoned by their parents or given to the charities to bring them up. The religious teachers having complete control could teach whatever they wanted. The most likely version of Islam was Wahhabism i.e. the establishment of Sharia Law which means it supersedes all man-made laws by legislative bodies. Since these children were generally not of the top of society they absorbed uncritically the extremist teachings. One can easily see how extremists just appear out of the blue. These graduates just appear and do what they know and that is extremism.

It is a human trait to abuse one’s position. The Catholic priests had complete control of the Bible and interpreted things the way they wanted with indulgences, purgatory and what not and this caused Martin Luther King to object and created the Protestant movement which brought the Bible to the masses.

26-11-15, 03:54
This funding is not confined to Muslim countries. The funding goes wherever there is a Muslim community especially a failing mosque, masjid or whatever name the religious building has. There was a masjid in Vancouver run by an Ethiopian Muslim which reached out to Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus. The Saudis locked him out as they they funded this group. So the extremists could come from Europe, North America, Asia or Africa. Wherever the population is exploding and poverty increases the Saudis and Gulf oil-rich states fund Wahhabism to increase their fighting potential soldiers (once they are armed).

Look at Turkey. It was run by secularists till the extremists started increasing. Now it is just a matter of time it will be even more assertive about Sharia Law. Unfortunately the secularists ignored the underbelly i.e. the poor which the Saudis targetted with their 'generosity' to take over Turkey.


Yours is not to reason why
But to do and die

Definition of a perfect soldier

A religious extremist is an ideal soldier as he not question the religion which is his/her only knowledge and willing to give up his/her life in a holy war.

Come to think of it Mohammed is a man too. He claims to have instructed by the Angel Gabriel but there is no proof. His words therefore are also of human origin and therefore doesn't necessarily supersede man-made laws.

27-11-15, 23:54
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Chris Hedges: Is Wahhabism behind Terrorism?


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Many religions want to keep the people dumb so they can spread their myths. They also want to increase the size of their flocks so they resist birth control.

Polygamy in Muslims countries tend to double population every twenty years. However the economy doesn't grow as fast as population growth thus poverty is increased. Note that corruption is widespread so the Saudis with their Wahhabism find fertile grounds for their empire building. The leaders of those poor Muslim countries are too involved with feather nesting to see the encroaching extremism developing in the underbelly of their nations.

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Wahhabism the cancer within Islam was created by British spy Hempher


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How did radical Islam get spread throughout the world.


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Wahhabism exposed