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Rafael Clotet
06-12-15, 18:52
Hello everybody,

(First of all, this is the first I post a thread, so I actually don't know if I am doing it well...).

It is a fact that in my country, Spain, we are out of time: we should align the country's clocks to UK's time zone since in 1942 we turned the clocks to Nazi Germany (when we didn't even participate in the WW II lmao).

But... are France & Benelux doing well using GMT +1 as their Time Zone? I mean, look at any Europe Time Zones Map. As I understand it, they should be using GMT + 0 as well, but nobody says anything. I tried to search some information in Google, and all I found is "France decided to continue on GMT+1 because a large part of its land mass falls within that time zone anyway". What? A large part? what part? according to every Europe Time Zones Map that exists on Internet, France is almost completely within GMT + 0. I don't get it.

What do you think? Are France and Benelux using the correct Time Zone? I'd love to read your thoughts.