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12-12-15, 17:04
I am currently making some videos to explain how this can be achieved. Thousands of people worldwide have had a spontaneous remission of cancer but the media never reports them so people do not hear about them. This is reporting bias.
Cancer involves a cheat. Bad news! Actually it is good news because if you are humane it means you only need to see through the cheat to get healthy and never get cancer again.

What do I mean? Here is a simple analogy. You think you see a snake in the grass and you immediately jump back. Then you find it was really only a garden hose with a bright pattern on it. You laugh and feel relief. In the first reaction your perception of danger moves your body to fight or flight, which is otherwise called fear. Fear is simply the body mobilizing itself, getting ready for sudden, strenuous action. When you perceive that it is only hose all you have done is realized the original perception was wrong and your body returns from stress to rest.. health.

12-12-15, 17:06
I am able to effect deliberate cancer remission after making some discoveries about perceptions of possible internal damage and/or danger. Either inflammation or cancer or both may arise and with the realization that the perceptions are false the body clears away both the inflammation and the cancer.

If damage is perceived the body ignites an inflammatory response. This can lead to many conditions including allergies and autoimmune diseases such as arthritis. There is strong evidence for this in drug trials by the thousands.

If possible harm is perceived the body will moves to build a protective barrier. The only barrier that can be built is with cells so a mass develops.. cancer. In simple cases a substance that the body cannot eliminate is quarantined by encasing it in a cell casing to prevent possible harm.

In both cases an understanding about why one has such a perception and a realization that the perception is false, will cause the body to remove the cell barrier. It is a similar response to the analogy I gave about the snake thought to be a hose. The removal of a mass is never instant as it involves many processes but one can take some steps to get their body to clear the mass away faster. This is spontaneous remission.

12-12-15, 17:07
There are many issues involved that need discussion and they include:

1. Concealed threats to get the person to experience fear. The fear may be conscious or partly conscious so that it appears as anxiety. Fear may also be subliminal, which means the person may only feel hot or even feel they have lots of energy and believe they are in good health. This is commonly seen in breast cancer. The bodily reactivity of fear is used to manufacture beliefs because a person will treat their bodily reactivity as evidence if it coincides with some idea, not realizing that the coincidence is contrived and that the perception is only a hateful suggestion made through the abuse of relationship especially close and/ or trusted relationship.

2. Created issues that will cause the victim particular type of emotional reactivity. These are used to cunningly make the person believe that their problem is in some part of the body. For example bowel cancer is associated with grief and lung cancer with sadness.

3. Violations that cause the victim to become angry and thus to fight aggressively but unfortunately owing to false perceptions the victim only works harder at building a bigger mass.

12-12-15, 17:08
The official cancer story is the big obstacle to cancer remission, ie your body doing the job (& better than the best doctors). The story is that your body is a machine and it creates abnormal cells all the time or that it can be damaged by some physical means such as smoking, eating some types of foods, sunlight and so on. And the argument goes that the immune system destroys the abnormal cells. There is indisputable evidence that this story is false. There is hard evidence that the immune system is involved in metastasis. Without the immune system involvement there is no metastasis and thus no cancer!

Far from being abnormal, cancer cells are stem cells and they display all the qualities that are seen in embryonic stem cells. The body is purpose-driven and not a machine. The genome is extremely dynamic and cells can make much more than epigenetic changes. All the changes that are seen, which are called damage and miscopying etc., etc., are all purposely made. Yes the deletions, insertions and frame shifts that are being put down to damage are purposely made by stem cells to become cancer stem cells. And the changes are reversible. The cancer cells can and do revert back to normal stem cells and even normal differentiated cells.

You can make yourself well without doing anything, just changing your perception. AND you can make your children well because to affect your children, the toxic people, who engage in these games, have to affect you. You only need to see the problem.. an aha experience is all that you need, to see your child back to health. So seeing through the cheat is mega.