View Full Version : Celebrating with flowers.

25-01-16, 13:33
Hey. My sister’s got a baby daughter and she is coming back home from hospital this weekend. I wanted to do something special for her, and so I was thinking of decorating whole of her room with flowers. I have been thinking of ordering the flowers, most probably white lilies, from Flowers Canada, Toronto. Lilies are her favorite flower, but I'm confused as to which colors to choose. Her rooms color is blue. Would white and pink lilies look good or should I just stick with white lilies. Would like to hear some suggestions. Thanks in advance.

25-01-16, 23:03
Contrasting colours are better. Just my opinion. Best is to get coloured paper or ribbons with red and white on a blue background or white and yellow or pink on a blue background. You could do it on your computer and try them out. See which is most appealing to you. However, your sister might have a different taste.