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Fire Haired14
16-02-16, 20:27
Asia Has Five mtDNA Gene Pools (http://mtdnaatlas.blogspot.com/2016/02/asia-has-five-mtdna-gene-pools.html)

EDIT: I can uplaod 1,000s of mtDNA in a few hours now because of Haplogrep (https://haplogrep.uibk.ac.at/). I can upload 1,000 mito genomes in less time. I'll upload 10,000s of mito-genomes from Ian Logan, which will tell a lot about mtDNA, no academic paper can. Expect, a lot of amazing stuff.

Asia has *at least* 5 completely differnt mtDNA gene pools. By distinct, I mean they share no maternal lines going back like 50,000 years. They range in size from the East Asian one which takes up over 50% of Earth and the Andamanese one which takes up a handful of small islands in the middle of the Ocean.

Autsomal DNA though tells us that all Asians(xMiddle East) share more common ancestry with each other than with West Eurasians. It'll be interesting what we learn once we get ancient DNA from Asia.

I'll be getting lots of mtDNA from Africa next.