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22-03-16, 12:13
I like to share with you the USA is the best destination for travelling point of view. Many travelling lovers to go there for having fun and I am also a big lover to go its attractions like Niagara falls. Many national parks under the USA. so I like to say that is a bi=g point where ewe can enjoy our holidays without any big deal.

30-06-18, 19:43
I do not think so. There is no peace and quiet.

Duane Becker
05-06-22, 19:03
Although USA does have some great destinations, travel to and from these destinations is harder in USA. You must own or rent transportation to view many USA sites-or pay a service to take you. I was amazed at the public transportation system in Germany and Austria when visiting there for three weeks in May 2019. Anywhere I was, a bus or train connection was available to me within 10 to 15 minutes-with very reasonable fees.

25-08-22, 16:39
If you want to have fun, you don't have to come here. I speak as a resident of this country.