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14-04-16, 21:34
at 26 Apr 1986 at Chernobill happened an accident and a nuclear core explode,

100 000 people were forced to leave the area,

except one man


Ivan Shamyanok still lives there, he reach the age of 90 years,
30 years inside the 'forbiden'' area

life is strange,
Chernobill is full of wild life today.



an area with radius 30 km about 100 km away from Kiev is full of wild life,

from what I found it will need 22 000 years to drop dramatically the levels of polutions

yet at suround areas thyroid cancer and many other types are high as doctors say,

makes me wonder, how with high polution levels, is even possible to exist and reproduce so much wild life,
and a man living 30 years there still to be healthy?

about chrnobill chernobyl


15-04-16, 08:55
there are still several old women living in the contaminated area
they eat vegetables they grow themselves in the contaminated area
they live longer than the women that were evacuated and died of 'homesickness'

16-04-16, 23:43
and that is the strange that made me write about these people,

I can not believe that homesickeness is killing more easily than living in a so poluted area
it is difficult to get it, to realize that few people who stay and live in a wilderness and full radio polution area are healthier and death forgot them,
while others who moved away suffer from the known effect of radioenergy.

besides in 10 days is the memmory of 30 years of the biggest nuclear accident in Europe,
even to Greece and italy reach the poluted cloud and rain, but with lighter elements.

I remember it as the year that we did not eat vegies and fruits even from our own garden,
my neighbor used to wash them with barium hydroxile before eat them as a precaution he claimed

21-04-16, 10:23
Does that mean that the danger of radiations has been grossly exaggerated?

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