View Full Version : Can genetics influence when people lose their virginity?

18-04-16, 18:24
The short answer may be yes, and it's no big surprise, but there are so many caveats that the bottom line is that it may not matter all that much.


"Some of the differences appeared in parts of the genome that affect reproductive pathways related to hormone signaling and fertility, Perry said. That stands to reason. People whose genes thrust them through puberty faster likely will have sex earlier: Their hormones (https://www.statnews.com/2016/02/17/testosterone-treatment/)are firing, their more mature appearance is more attractive to potential partners, and their development gives them a head start over people who go through puberty later."


"The study also found a correlation between genetic factors that govern behavioral traits and the age at which people lose their virginity. Genetic variants that correspond to a propensity to take risks, for instance, were found in people who had sex for the first time earlier in their lives."

Again, obviously.

"Societal and family factors still outweigh genetic factors, researchers say, so teenagers who are genetically predisposed to have sex earlier won’t if their parents don’t let them out of the house or if they are committed to abstinence. In contrast, adolescents who are biologically inclined to wait could have sex earlier in the face of peer pressure."

Well, I gave it a try, but I fail to see anything new or useful here.

That doesn't mean that I think that there aren't programmed, genetic differences in sexuality, because I do think they exist, but this study doesn't provide any insight into why certain people are so interested and responsive, making it difficult to control their behavior without strong social conditioning, and some aren't.