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31-05-16, 16:22
I meant to post episodes from this American public television series a while ago. A comic writer and comedian is sent to various places around the world to basically stuff himself with the local food.

It's called, "I'll have what Phil's Having". Phil is extremely funny, wonderfully generous, open-hearted, exuberant, incredibly appreciative, and thoroughly nice and affectionate guy. It's like taking a trip with a much nicer but equally funny and wry Larry David, for anyone who knows who he is...

This is the Barcelona segment:

Italy-really just Toscana and Umbria


He enjoys the above three more than these following two, but he still has a great time and so will you.


Hong Kong:

29-07-16, 01:25
Another good "foodie" series is Planet Food. This is the episode on Greece. I enjoyed it very much although I don't know if it's accurate in all details. I know the ones on Italian food are sometimes wrong.



22-09-16, 11:09
The chicken lovers can’t miss the opportunity of tasting these small bits of crispy KFC style popcorn chicken and a try at home could be more hygienic along with being nutritious .

29-09-16, 08:49
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03-10-16, 08:50
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06-10-16, 11:40
It has been long we have been telling about conventional recipes, by convention we mean the regular ones that has been carried out since time, when we don’t know! So this time bring you a sudden twist is the regular chicken recipe. Yes! We share with you a chicken recipe with flavor of both coconut and mango; and baked.

10-10-16, 08:21
Almost every recipe that crosses my countertop gets it’s sugar content cut dramatically. I definitely have a sweet tooth, but I’d rather my sweet tooth be satisfied in controlled and well-balanced doses. And I also have one heck of a “spicy tooth” that loves foods that are sharp, spicy and savory, without much sugar content at all.

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20-10-16, 09:37
This recipe is but a winner. You can make it in larger quantities and also freeze well for later use. You can substitute black beans with kidney beans. There are multitude of choice when comes to nuts.

03-11-16, 08:59
The main ingredient that transforms fried chicken into special Nashville Hot Chicken, is smearing it in a cayenne paste that’s primarily a blend of McCormick Ground Red Cayenne Pepper and frying oil. But not to worry, if you are concerned about this chicken being too hot and spicy for your family and friends – the heat level is customizable. You can omit Nashville Hot Sauce and have a mega flavorful chicken, or you can slightly brush your chicken with a little Nashville Hot Sauce for a mild explosion of heat.