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02-06-16, 08:16
Karim Benzema is a soccer player with French nationality and of Algerian descent.
He has not been selected for the French team in the EK 2016 tournament.
To bad for him.

Now that is racism, he says.
Where did I hear such things before?
Mostly from Maghrebi people in Europe.


02-06-16, 15:01
Racism? In the French national team? Where 50% or more of the players are from African decent?

Zidane is also from Algerian descent, he became a legend for the French.

Benzema just had some ethical issues lately... Alongside Ribery, they both were not selected...

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03-06-16, 13:39
it has been passed years when i start to believe that the term racism, as the term anti-semitism and the anti-female had already took wrong path,
many use it as a weapon to attack you, if their wants are not succeded,
soon will face the word anti-islam, anti-immigrant etc, as accusation,

BUT I NEVER HEARD THE WORD ANTi-EUROPEAN for all those who use the above words.