View Full Version : Child snatched by alligator at Disney World

15-06-16, 22:34
What a horror.

It happened at the lagoon area at the Grand Floridian. That's one of the most exclusive resorts at Disney World. The area is labelled a no swimming area, but it doesn't say beware of alligators. The two year old toddler was wading in the lagoon while his parents were further up on the sand. The father tried to wrestle the gator but there's no way he would have been able to get that child away from it. Those poor parents.

People forget that most of Florida is a swamp. You have to be aware that they can be anywhere there is a body of water. An aunt of mine lived on a canal, and a damn gator used to come up on her lawn to sun himself in the afternoon. She called him Mr. Gator! :startled: She was a loon so she didn't want to call anyone, but I made her. Don't ask...if she weren't too old she would have gone on demonstrations with PETA.

I have to say that I've never heard of anything like this happening at Disney World.


16-06-16, 01:58
It's like a script from a horror movie. I couldn't believe it, that this could happen in Disney World to 2 year old child. I heard that they have killed five big gators before finding boy's body in one.

20-06-16, 11:56
That is a terrible story.. Very sorry for the parents

22-09-16, 11:21
Its Like a hollywood Horror Movie.