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18-06-16, 03:21
I compiled a list of R1a subclades in Poland, based on FTDNA Polish Project.

I collected this data one month ago, on 17.05.2016, so probably some new members with R1a have joined since then. I did not include low-resolution samples (such as for example: "R1a-M417 Unassigned Backbone SNP Pack or Markers Needed", etc.) and I also did not include samples of R1a-CTS6 (M582), which is a typically Jewish (Ashkenazi Levites) subclade under R1a-Z93.

In total there were 1208 samples with high enough resolution (and after excluding CTS6/M582):


R1a1a1b1a1b CTS11962 can be further divided into L1029 and YP515, as well as some minor lineages. Of those two - L1029 and YP515 - L1029 is more common in Poland, but YP515 is more typically Polish (higher PCI).

Some of the most common branches of R1a1a1b1a2a Z92, include CTS4648 (which is a typically Polish subclade with a high value of PCI - Poland Concentration Index), as well as YP617 and YP351 (and other minor lines).

The most common clade of R1a1a1b1a2b CTS1211 is CTS3402 (more numerous than the rest of CTS1211 together), but other common branches of this clade include P278.2, YP1034, YP343, YP1019 and minor lineages.

And when it comes to R1a1a1b1a2b3 CTS3402, some of its common subclades include L365 (55 samples, and this SNP is typically Polish with a high PCI value), S18681 (41 samples, also high PCI), Y2902 (70 samples), YP237 (42), L1280 (30), Y2613 (20), YP951 (19), Y33 (16), Y2609 (16), YP340 (13), YP371 (13), YP295 (11) as well as other, minor subclades.

And when it comes to some other haplogroups:

1) The most common subclade of I2a1 in Poland is I2a1b2a1 CTS5966.

2) The most frequent branch of I2a2 in Poland is I2a2a1b2a1 CTS1977.

3) The most common subclade of N1c in Poland is N1c1a1a1a1a4 Z16981.

4) A typically Polish (high PCI value) branch of I1 is I1a1* Y6340 (Y6349).

Later I will check also R1b. But AFAIK, about 2/3 of Polish R1b is under L51, while around 1/3 is Eastern R1b.

19-06-16, 12:36
L664 in the OP should actually be CTS4385->L664 (CTS4385 is the ancestral branch and L664 its direct descendant). In Poland for example the Korfanty family belongs to L664, but they actually came to Poland from Veneto region (Venetia) in Italy in the 1600s, and have lived in Upper Silesia since then.

19-06-16, 13:15
The N Poles have is of type that is more common in Latvia so far (80+% of cases) than in Lithuania (20/30%).


05-08-16, 13:32
The N Poles have is of type that is more common in Latvia so far (80+% of cases) than in Lithuania (20/30%).


I'm a bit confused because in FTDNA Polish Project this was the most common N1c subclade:

N1c-Z16981 - https://www.yfull.com/arch-3.15/tree/N-Z16981/

But according to Peter Gwozdz's website, this is the most common N1c subclade among Poles:

N1c-Z16975 - https://www.yfull.com/arch-3.15/tree/N-Z16975/

Source: http://www.gwozdz.org/Results.html


I guess that both of these subclades are common. Perhaps Z16981 is the 2nd most common one?

05-08-16, 14:20
First one "Latvians", second one "Prussians".

05-08-16, 14:53
First one "Latvians"

So Z16981>CTS8173 is the main Latvian subclade.

But it is also surprisingly widespread outside of Baltic states:



second one "Prussians".

What about Lithuanians - is Z16975 common among them?

05-08-16, 15:04
Is L551 the most common Lithuanian subclade?:


05-08-16, 15:19
^^ BY158 looks Northern Lithuanian. But let's continue in N1c thread: