View Full Version : Who brought distinct clades of Z93 to India? (just L657 came with Indo-Aryans?)

25-06-16, 02:59
It seems certain, that R1a-Z93 came to India in several waves:

Indo-Aryans (in the Bronze Age) - they brought the most common subclade (L657)

R1a-L657 is especially prevalent among Indo-Aryan Brahmins.

Later immigrations with R1a-Z93 were Iranic-speakers, including:

Indo-Scythians (ca. 2000 years ago)
Kushans and Yuezhi (ca. 1950 years ago)
Hephthalites (ca. 1500 years ago)

They probably brought all other subclades of Z93 present in India, apart from L657.

Some of white ethnic groups in India claim Iranic rather than Indo-Aryan descent:



25-06-16, 07:33
R-L657Y3/F2597/M727 * Y26/M780 * M605+4 SNPsformed 4800 ybp, TMRCA 4000 ybp
probably started to expand from Bactriƫ.

Most of them ended up in south Asia, but few of them in Ariabia or along the Persian Gulf.
The Kassites who conquered Babylonia had probably an R-L657 elite.
The Mitanni probably got their first horses and charriots from R-L657.