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11-07-16, 16:37
New evidence suggests that man's best friend, the dog, was domesticated in two different parts of the word at different times. Researchers recently tested the Dna of an Irish dog from about 4,500 years ago, roughly around the time Stone heng was being built and confirmed the dogs genes pointed to an asian origin of domestication and showed a most recent common ancestor with asian dogs to be from 4,500-14,000 years ago. This would support what many poeple had previously thought that the dog was domesticated in asia, however there is fossil evidence in euorope of dogs living with humans over 15,000 years ago, too old to purely have been domesticated in asia. This could also mean that there was an even earlier asian migration of dogs into europe, but fossil records do not support this, as evidence for domestic dogs in central asia can not be found over 9 thousand years ago. This is interesting for a number of reason when considering the settling of europe by human populations.

1- it proves even further what has already been claimed, that migrations into europe came from the east.

2- that not only did these invaders have such a strong genetic impact on europe but that their whole culture and way of life completely took over the more original culture and people in europe, to such an extant that even their dog breeds replaced older european ones.

what i would find very interesting would be if further evidence could some how link the replacment of euorpean dogs by asian ones to the indo eurpean expansion. Ireland being one of the most western places in all of europe already had asian dogs around 4,500 euros ago right around the time of the indoeuropean expansion into europe. Maybe further dna studies on dogs could shed light on the expansion of R1b into europe, if we could compare the dogs of different ancient european populations in europe, theoretically we could possibly see the origins as well of the people that had those dogs.

for anyone who is interested here is the article


12-07-16, 09:48
the oldest dog found was in Goyet cave, 31,7 ka, probably Gravettian
then again, most bred dogs have a common ancestor only some 500 years old

13-07-16, 21:31
the oldest dog found was in Goyet cave, 31,7 ka, probably Gravettian
then again, most bred dogs have a common ancestor only some 500 years old

yes only proves the studies point more that there must have been a domestication of the dog in Europe, by ancient Europeans, before the Asian variety of dog took over. True,modern dog breeds are not very old, and many have been developed in the past 300 years in Europe, due to the nobility constantly experimenting with hunting dogs, however some dog breeds such as the Greenland dog, Lakeis, and other Nordic breeds are quite ancient. Grey hounds are also an older breed of dog.