View Full Version : The Last Kingdom-The Viking invasions of Britain

22-07-16, 01:21
I really enjoyed this fictionalized version from the BBC of the Viking invasions in the time of King Alfred the Great. It's based on the Cornwell books.

It prompted me to do a little research to see how accurate it was, so I got quite a bit out of it.

The acting of the lead was not great, and he wasn't all that believable, in my opinion, but the guy who played Alfred was, I think, terrific.

It also seemed very realistic in its depiction of life at that time. Let's say it didn't leave me pining to get into a time portal and live in that era, but very interesting.



22-07-16, 21:09
Thanks for the advice....still watching te last episodes of Vikings, but this looks interesting too!

23-07-16, 20:06
Nice, thank you for the advice. I'll be sure to watch the last kingdom. :)

26-07-16, 18:42
This series is good but Bernard Cornwell's books are better.

25-08-16, 19:07
England Everlasting: Razib Khan blog posted about this Netflix series we discussed. The comments to this one are far more intelligent than the ones to the Lazaridis paper. Lots of good insights about British history and genetics.