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Einstein has been hailed as something of a god. However, on checking his history there are troubling information about his efforts. There is no doubt he is a very capable scientist but his genius has been blown out of proportion. He used other people's work and never gave credit to them. Mathematician Marcel grossman is miffed that he helped Einstein so much but was never given credit. Poincare derived E = MC^2 but in a different form M= E/C^2.

Here is the video by a guy who says Einstein copied other scientists' work. It is alleged that Einstein co-developed his theory of relativity with his Serbian wife. After his divorce from her Einstein never produced anything substantial afterwards.


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Here is a Frech video of Poincare:


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Another French video:


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Here is a controversial video on Mileva Einstein's Serbian wife.


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This guy looks like a Physicist and says " Einstein's General Relativity is dead."


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Miles Mathis looks like a rockstar but has a brilliant mind. He has a website and corrects many past math from Euclid and Physics including Newton, Maxwell and Einstein. He says Einstein was wrong in certain areas.


Maybe he is aiming for that Isaac Newton look:


http://images.fineartamerica.com/images-medium-large/1689-sir-isaac-newton-portrait-young-paul-d-stewart.jpg 1689 Sir Isaac Newton Portrait Young is a photograph by Paul D Stewart which was uploaded on May 7th, 2013.


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Einstein in an interview after many questions from people and journalists
During one of his last pubic appearance Albert Einstein said, “You ask me to answer to all sorts of questions, but noone has ever wanted to know who was my teacher, who showed me the way to the higher mathematical science, thought and research. I simply say that my teacher was the unrivalled Greek Konstantinos Karatheodoris, to who we owe everything…”
Einstein 1955

But we know his teacher?


Constantin Caratheodory
Κωνσταντινος Καραθεοδωρη

in these 3 epistoles (letters) we can find a lot among the connection of these 2,

it is worthy to read the bellow link


Einstein προς Carathéodory 6 Σεπτεμβρίου 1916
- Einstein προς Carathéodory 10 Σεπτεμβρίου 1916
- Carathéodory προς Einstein 16 Δεκεμβρίου 1916

Besides Einstein writes to Karatheodory
''Dear colleague! I find your derivation wonderful, now I understand everything. At first, the small writing mistakes on the second page had caused me some difficulties. Now, however, I understand everything.
You should publish the theory in this new form in the Annals of Physics since the physicists do not normally know anything about this subject as was also the case with me.''

a Great personality who happened to be the last who left Smyrna at 1922, whitout finishing the effort to found a Greek-Turkish-Armenian-Hebrew speaking a University there
and to many still unknown,

2 man play significant role in Eistein relativity theory,
1 Karatheodory
2 Minkoswki

about Caratheodory


Although Eistein took price for light-electic phenomena explanation
many argue about the relativity theory,
Relativity theories, seems to be from Minkoswki the Special and from Karatheodory the Generic.

Herman Minkowski


there is also a third person in the connection
BLUMENTHAL who was murdered.

PS ****
for those who know relativity,
it would be interesting to read Karatheodory work on Michelson-Morley expirement
Lorentz tranformation μετασχηματισμοι are only part of this expirement.

28-10-16, 03:09
I listened to video lectures of Dr. Leonard Susskind of Stanford and realized that General Relativity is derived from the Lagrangian which is an energy checking system for theories. From the Lagrangian you can derive Newton's equations. It is generic. General relativity has this problem that it is not a cause and effect derivation but an Lagrangian energy transformation. General relativity is actually a graphics software. It maps out a particle's motion in a gravitational field. Forces are hidden in Christoffel symbols. It is tedious and will be replaced as it is as cumbersome as the celestial mechanics that had the earth at the centre of the universe and all the planets and stars revolved around the earth.

28-10-16, 08:27
I'm not surprised that E = MC² was first formulated in France.
Acording to the French people, everything important in the world was invented twice : by a Frenchman first and afterwards by someone else in the world.

This is about the French peoples mind, I don't want to downplay Pioncarré, he was a great mathematician.