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28-07-16, 01:56
As it seems the most ancient who access a good degree of dentistry were the Egyptians,

the most ancient believes comes from Indus valley and Summerians,
they believe that teeth are rotten by warms, so they made holes to kill the worms, or just to force them exit from the teeth,

from Arcailogist we know that Egyptians used much more advanced methods, they even know to fight advanced dental decay with herbs and fruit extracts like the known 'fig syrup extract' a syrup known to mountain villages even today.

But it was the Etruscans who first use artificial dentistry,
after the teeth extract, they 'add' artificial teeth, by other humans, or ox and they tie them with gold,
gold is used even today by dentist even today, many people had gold covered teeth,
As the excavations at Etruscans tombs have proved from around 700 BC, Etruscans use artifficial dentistry,





Ταρκυνια Tarqunia Italy ancient tombs gave a rich collection of the Etruscan artiffcial dentistry.

much later Ippokrates gave a good work about teeths
and Aristoteles a full covered scientific summary about dentistry,
that even at middleages was in use,
Today many things change as also the materials we use,
but even today by using Aristoteles transmitted knowledge, and Etruscan method covering the teeth with gold, we can achieve a good degree on saving teeth.

28-07-16, 05:22
This is incredible achievement by Etruscan "dentistry". I just wonder how patients could have undergone such surgical procedure without modern anesthetics? By any standards the pain had to be excruciating. I'm sure they knocked patients out in some way. Perhaps with a hammer to the head, lol.

28-07-16, 06:08
gush, you are right,
I have to believe that they use something,
afterall they were humans not Gods,
But that is something I haven't found.

if Remember correct Aristotle and mainly Galen say about analgesia and methods,
I know that Alcool and mandrax were widely used,
as also gases like ethylene mix, devilgrass-dattura, dog-bells plant, especially the purple one, (a kind of conic flower), black elebor root,
Margarita flower -Daisy, Thyme,
Scythian used cannabis
but I have not found something about Etruscan analgesic.