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29-07-16, 01:08
E1b1b belongs to causaziana race and E1b1a belong to the black race?:thinking:

29-07-16, 01:36
Hey andresasj. Try learning something from here:

29-07-16, 01:47
Haplogroup E is a negroid race haplogroup or exist variations in caucasian race?

29-07-16, 02:00
I don't think haplogroups should be attributed to certain ethnicities. In response to what you asked, haplogroup E is present in Europe especially in Iberia, the italian peninsula and also in the balkans although it is widespread in the entire european continent. the E-v13 is almost exclusively found in Europe, E-m81 is present in Iberia and sometimes makes up 15% of all lineages and although we are not sure, most people in the forum I would say think it is at least from the neolithic (there are discussions about it already).
Still if what you want to know is the place of origin of haplogroup E, we are pretty sure it originated in east africa because it is the place where the haplogroup has the most diversity.

29-07-16, 03:36
Hello there andresasj, welcome to Eupedia. Although Haplogroup E is common in Africa, I agree with Suebiking. Haplogroup clans have intermingled with each other over the Millenias. Just to get you started on your reaserch here are some links That Maciamo put together. In the end we all descended from Adam-Ydna A and Eve-Mtdna L

Here is the History of Europe courtesy of Maciamo ;)

29-07-16, 04:09
E1a, E1b1a, and E2 are usually associated with sub-Saharan ("Negroid") Africa, whereas E1b1b has a mixed distribution.

10-03-17, 01:04
E1b1b belongs to causaziana race and E1b1a belong to the black race?:thinking:

E itself likely originated in the Horn of Africa or a nearby part of the Arabian peninsula or the Maghreb 60,000 years or so ago, before races even existed. Today E1b1b is massively caucasian (not white, but caucasian). E-V13 is the predominant haplogroup in Southeastern Europe, E-M81 dominates the Berbers of the North/Northwest African plain & various sub-clades of E-M78 dominate in indigenous (non-Arab) Egyptians. It is also relatively common in the East of Africa, but its distribution is by & large caucasian (Nord-Saharan). So yes, I'd say it's accurate to say E1b1b is by & large not negroid. One branch, E-V13, is basically Europid. Other branches like E-M123 are by & large Levantine or Meditid. The others are predominantly north African (Berber/Egyptian).