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Gurka atla
30-07-16, 10:26
The least non-Asian groups. ( I'm not including central Asians ). These 3 are the least Asian genetically in the East Asia/Southeast Asia world.

Cambodians have 18-23% South Indian australoids/Caucasian DNA

Thais have 18-24% South Indian and Negrito DNA admixture

Mongolians have 3-5% caucasian admixture in this study but other shows them with 1-15%.

We shoudn't even include Southeast Asian as Mongoloid but rather a hybrid race. Simply look at this South Asian mtDNA map for example which shows Pakistani/Indian related mtDNA map which ranges 2% to 20% in Southeast Asian. And this map is not even including DNA Negrito, Australian admixture in Thais and Malaysians who have 5-16% Australoid mtDNA and Negrito mtDNA depending on the location. The Negrito admixture obviously came from enslaving Negrito female as sex slaves and concubines, if you read the history of Orang Ansli the Southeast Asian especially Malay like to enslave Negrito female and childresn as they easier to tame.

South Indian DNA admixture

Vietnamese, Laos are the closest to pure Mongoloid but even they are only 96% Mongoloid,
Indonesians are only 91% Mongoloid,
Cambodians, Burmese, only 79-87% Mongoloid.

Australoid, Negrito, South Indian DNA admixture

Thais, Malaysians only 76-85% Mongoloid

Aside from the 2-20% South Indian maternal there is also 3-9% of R1a1, 4% of L, which properly came from South Indian traders.


Gurka atla
30-07-16, 10:26