View Full Version : Does skipping breakfast cause weight gain

31-07-16, 21:48
The answer seems to be no...

I could have told them that. Italians rarely eat anything for breakfast other than a coffee and maybe a cornetto and a piece of fruit, and they're if not the thinnest, one of the thinnest people in Europe.

Personally, the sight of food within the first hour or so that I'm up makes me nauseous.

I make these anicini from my mother's recipe and cranberry and almond biscotti once a month and then freeze them, and often these with a cappuccino is all I want.

https://t4.ftcdn.net/jpg/00/81/63/95/240_F_81639558_hzeoFNQ1DjK4WPR082jNcU4KvkEwN18v.jp g

One of the great inventions and one of the best presents I've ever gotten is a coffee machine where you can make cappuccino, along with other coffee types, from these little pod things.

01-08-16, 01:09
The answer seems to be no...

Ha! Thanks for sharing this. My wife and I have an ongoing disagreement over the matter...she insists it's better to eat breakfast to "jumpstart your metabolism" for the day, but I usually don't want to eat anything until lunch, or at most a very light snack around tenish.

01-08-16, 02:36
Im the opposite; I try to get those eggs (yum! love eggs) fried as quick as possible and the sight of them makes me hungrier! While I wait for them to cook, I would stuff handfuls of potato chips in my mouth just to combat my hunger.

I'm infamous for my temper bouts when I realize I've run out of eggs and forgot to buy more! They are dramatic enough to get your eyes rolling. I'm an egg fanatic. And I'm almost as bad if I don't have enough margarine to bury my English muffins in.