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09-08-16, 01:19
My Genetic Genie results (from 23andme data) are:

COMT V158M (alleles AA) ++
COMT H62H (TT) ++
VDR Taq (AA) ++
MAO A R297R (T) ++ <- Warrior gene I believe
MTRR A664A (AA) ++


MTHFR A1298C (GT) +-
MTRR A66G (AG) +-
COMT P199P (AG) +-
BHMT-02 (CT) +-
BHMT-08 (CT) +-
CBS C699T (AG) +-

I believe genetics did not treat me so kindly, but I guess I have to do the best with what I was given...

I am a man 44 yo. It's very hard for me to control my aggression, negative thoughts and impulsiveness. I have found help in my spirituality [ in Jesus Christ] but I still have my 'moments'.
My tolerance level [toward other people, especially those behaving obnoxiosly] is really low and after 3 failed marriages I decided that it might be better to live alone [with my dog]; I am still open for another relationship but feel kind of pessimistic in this respect. In the meantime I am focusing in my main hobby [road cycling -> Used to be cat 3 but I am middle of the pack at my age now]

My IQ is 140 [measured 10 years ago] but my memory [and verbal capabilities] have never been that great; I exceled in analysis subjects such as math, physics, computer science and programming, etc. I hold a PhD in Geosciences and currently work as a software developer.

Can you suggest any supplements that might help me counteract my genetic predisposition towards impulsiveness, negativity and aggression?
What about any general supplements to improve my sport performance and quality of living according to my methylation profile?

Thank you

PS: I apologize for any grammar error. My mother tongue is Spanish

09-08-16, 05:02
Welcome to Eupedia mindanalyzer. I'm not an expert, but I think that many things aiding your sport performance will make you more aggressive too. It's the nature of the beast. Except maybe medication boosting red blood cell count, only giving you better stamina, but not more energy, which can boost your aggression too.
Easy way to improve you mood is music. Music has powerful effect on people. Make a playlist of all the songs that make you happy. Listen to them very often. Even an hour of listening to happy music will give you good mood for the rest of a day.

PS. Don't mind my grammar, spelling and style, my mother tongue is Polish. ;)

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