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12-08-16, 15:09
If it will not be possible to clone now as was done some years ago with the Dolly sheep, surely it will be possible in the coming years, at least at the scientific level, so let's see if it would be moral, which pros and cons we find in that, or if we are for or against this possibility.

There are two unusual things about that: the use of a modern human woman, which would provide her body by scientific or economic interests, and the apparition of a kind of person that society could not know or decide till which point would be "human" (with all human rights assigned then), leaving an open space to treat this new Neanderthal like a laboratory guinea pig if wished. Also which could be his or her possible suffering if he/she is capable to detect that he/she is not human, so a different kind, unique and alone in all the world.

My thinking is that moral or ethics are above such scientific experiment if Neanderthals had human-like self-conscience and a developed thinking, but that is not realy known, but as we don't know that by sure it wouldn't be acceptable to try such experiment even (the hiring of another body is an issue even less ethical).

12-08-16, 15:33
it wouldn't be acceptable to try such experiment

I completely agree.

I imagine it will be attempted anyway, at some point, even if they don't bring their creation to term.

12-08-16, 21:35
Even if we were able to bring them back we could never recreate the culture, society and possibly language they once had. I guess my interest in the novelty of it outweighs my ethics here because I would not be against bringing one back. There are people living in less humane and deplorable conditions right now then I'm guessing the Neanderthal would have due to the absurdity of the experiment. I think that there would be an overwhelming amount of activity though to make sure Neanderthal is treated humanely and given a proper life or at least I would hope so

16-08-16, 15:36
Well, cloning has it's own risks and surely many failures would be left unnoticed for the media, it could be expected that some Neanderthal kids would die in months or few years, so there is not a sure possibility to have a unique "sad kid" but many natural abortions and many deaths. Even so labs would look to get a "replica" as to get free publicity and a major prestige. These are some of the questions that prevent to don't wish this experiment even if as you my interest is high.

19-08-16, 01:20
Neanderthals were smart for their time:





20-08-16, 09:44
I'm very skeptical about the Neanderthals' capabilities as they dwelt with modern Humans (by that the famous 2% in Eurasians), so that apparent Neanderthal's knowledges could be from simple imitation or long learning, and for that you don't need any self-conscience. It will be necessary more investigation to distinguish Human skills learned from real Neanderthal skills.


11-09-16, 02:39
sometimes we do not need cloning in order to find the real answer

as the older people say, the answer is right in front of us or inside of us

but we have complicated things too much, but we must observe every detail to the fullest to get the answer

imo i think they were very much like us and they were able to speak languages, i don't think they were hairy like projected but def hairrier than the Homo Sapiens of Africa

18-09-16, 08:29
If we are to clone an extinct homo, wouldn't it be more interesting to clone a Denisovan? We have no clue what they looked like, I mean, litterally, we wouldn't know we are looking at one if one of them if they were looking at us in the eyes. At least with a clone we would have a better understanding of what we are looking for in the fossil records.

16-06-17, 08:52
I'm against, for me the past must remain the past. Although the question can be very exciting

16-06-17, 16:24
Is there a list available somewhere featuring individuals with the highest percentages of Neanderthal DNA?

19-06-17, 16:01
Is there a list available somewhere featuring individuals with the highest percentages of Neanderthal DNA?

There was a study posted somewhere on this site discussing the declining percentages of neander DNA over time. One of the old samples in the study was regarded as an outlier but had a whopping 7% neander DNA. That's the highest % I've seen thus far among any modern human.

19-06-17, 16:17
The real danger here is creating a person smart enough to feel the emotional anguish of being different and inferior, yet not smart enough to participate in society. The isolation factor could be mitigated by having a diverse set of human parents for a group of neander kids. The presence of different looking people within the "in group" might help and having like peers may boost their self confidence (if they feel such things).

But ethically, what's the big deal? If done correctly with proper oversight for psychological state, what's the real danger?

We don't force abort down syndrome children. They are doomed to an inferior life based on their genetics. They have to be taken care of. How would it be so different?

And what if they are smart? This would create its own set of problems. The NFL would be trying to replicate them for defensive tackles and the other players will cry foul! What if they have an amazing talent that could improve human existence?

I would imagine the biggest challenge would be protecting them from disease. They wouldn't have adapted immune systems, which would also apply to ancient modern humans. A neander would compound the problem because it would be unique for medical treatment. I would expect big problems raising one to the age of adolescence.

Maybe they will be uncontrollably violent rapists? So? We keep plenty of those in prison as it is. Make a Jurassic Park for them and continue study. How evil would it be for them to react according to their base instincts?

05-07-17, 15:01
I think it could be interesting.