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25-08-16, 22:07
Apropos of a discussion on another thread....

Look, don't touch...






Even Obama and Sarkozy do it:

Thoughtful gestures, or an invitation to have a coffee are ok, but no more.


There's a world of difference between the above and a crowd of men surrounding a woman, tearing at her clothes, groping her, and worse, as was reputed to have occurred recently to German women at the hands of recent migrants from Muslim countries.

26-08-16, 21:18
there a big difference among admire, gaze the beauty, stunning view, mystify moment, what i say the 'click' to get to another dimension,

and few times, even when my wife is beside me, that is something in man's nature,
as long as you understand, that somebody else maybe got stun by your wife, then you start think different.
and because you want everybody to respect your female registry, (for a man his wife is like property),
you respect every other woman, that pass you by, but you still few views, and spend few seconds to imagine her anatomy, and perfection, and maybe a minute to dream,
and then you continue your road or work,

what surprises me, is that I never felt like that in the beach,
where every women is prepaired for over a month before undress her body to sun and sea.

can I whistle ?

26-08-16, 22:28
If you want my opinion, why not, but in America the feminazi police object. :)

The day that men no longer look up, or turn their heads and "dream" for a few seconds when she passes by is a sorry day for a lot of women. It's part of the spice of life, and I see absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Women do it too, you know, depending on the woman, if less often usually, and more discretely than men.

When caught, you need merely say, "I'm married, not dead". :) I think it's only fundamentalist Protestants who take that whole "lusting in the heart is a sin" thing seriously, at least if it's just basically admiration, and not obsession with someone else.

I know what you mean about the beach...especially as a woman looking at men. Pardon me, but some male continental bathing attire is a little "gross" for my taste. Too much info, as my daughter says! Maybe, in general, we don't want it too real: we prefer the hazy daydream. It's safer that way, too. Then, there's the fact that even in a marriage I think it's very important to keep a little mystery, not be too available in every possible way.

Or, there's the sad fact that most people do look better in clothes, to be honest, at least when they get to a certain age. Almost everyone has those imperfections they wish they didn't have...

Apropos of that, a friend of mine strayed onto the beach of a nudist colony. It took him a week to recover, he said. Sometimes it seems as if the more people should cover up, the more they take off!

Oh, and you don't own us, Yetos, even if we let you think that to some extent...it's a gift, not a purchase, and like all gifts can be withdrawn. Also, real jealousy is a terrible thing. It's very difficult to live with a really jealous person; it's suffocating. I think it also sometimes says more about the jealous person than about the partner. There's a bit of projection going on, I think, where they're thinking the partner behaves the way they do...

27-08-16, 07:21
I disagree with that,

for every man it is MY wife, MY car, My bike, My Land, MY fishing rod, etc etc,

If a man stops to see his wife as possesion, then he will see her as a female for sex exciment, or as a machine to make children, and that starts trouble,
for if it is not my wife, then she is a 'common woman', that happens to sleep at my bed, or a high consuming machine that made children and then is useless.
Try to understand that.

most of us have a car, and we love it, and we clean it, and take care of it, and decorate it, and have memories with it, etc etc,
but if an exotic car pass by, we all turn our heads, and sometimes we feel more love after that for our car,
the only difference is that women are alive,
and the good thing is that beauty do not last for ever, but possesion does.
and remember, a possesion that is ignored, soon ignores you as a master.
if you do not look after your car, soon will desert you on the road,
if you do not look after your fishing rod, it will get rust,
if you do not cultivate and give water to your land, soon will get dry, or wild grass will grow,

I think that is the way most of men think,
or at least mediterennean ones,
we make families, based on both reality, and emotions, major factor is what our heart desires, or it is pleased,
we do not make families, based on how much money we have, neither with a notorius signed papper.

27-08-16, 15:36
Yetos, the issue is not how some or even many men feel. I'll grant you that a lot of men feel this way. The reality is different. No one can "own" another person, not unless that person is a slave. Some women may be forced to let a man feel this way, as is the case in too much of the world, or she may just let him feel this way, but it's a mirage, because she can, in a free society, and does, leave.

So, this is just semantics here.

For a lot of women, it's not pleasant feeling "owned". It's much nicer to feel one bestows one's love, and care, and concern, and worldly goods, everything that one is and has, emotionally, spiritually, materially, willingly, as a gift.

That's not incompatible with a need for this reciprocal gift giving to be exclusive. Indeed, for some it's a prerequisite.

30-10-16, 13:11
I think I just found my ideal type of woman: :heart::lovely:


28-12-16, 22:31
I think I just found my ideal type of woman: :heart::lovely:

well I hope not to sing this song,
(but I am sure once you're gonna sing it, when you can't sleep by wife's torturing midnight talk :banghead:)