View Full Version : So I'm a baron now...

28-08-16, 07:20
Lol! If there's any title I'm undeserving of, it is a royal title, including baron! Back in the medieval period, every baroness would've found me repulsive! I'm a peasant at heart! You can take the peasant out of the village , but you can't take the village out of the peasant! I would've been better off as a knight.., even still...if I were a knight during the medieval period, I would've grown overly bored guarding the gates to the kingdom; so I would wind up swinging my sword in midair and chopping tree limbs while protesting over the fact that the king has ordered me to wear extra thick and heavy armor all throughout the hot summer season.

28-08-16, 18:48
Getting new titles for reputation is more fun. Someone put heart making them.

29-08-16, 03:31
Is there a quiz to figure out what Mideval job best suits you? :3 That would be awesome

19-09-16, 08:12
My medieval "job" would be avoiding starving in a kingdom all together. I would escape on a horse and flee the guards at the gate until I'm out in the open wilderness, free to hunt wildlife and live a more nomadic, independent lifestyle.

Or I could just be a bandit stealing food and fleeing to my hideout. LOL jk

19-09-16, 16:09
This thread is not meant to be taken seriously btw.

19-09-16, 16:22
This thread is not meant to be taken seriously btw.:23::28:................................

20-09-16, 07:21
This thread is not meant to be taken seriously btw.
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