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30-08-16, 17:41
This park encompasses large sections of the northern Apennines between Emilia and the very northern part of Toscana. My father's family comes from the highest peaks in the western Emilian section just south of Parma. It's the area that separates continental from Mediterranean Italy in this region.

Apparently, it's also a Unesco "Man and Bio-Sphere" Reserve, which I didn't even know.

It's a really excellent video showing the landscapes and the activities, i.e. sports, and also a bit about the people and the food. It's in Italian, but the visuals are self-explanatory.


This is a video put out by an eco-tourism company;

This is the dramatic scenery of the heights...what experienced climbers would see...

The food: all KM Zero...

This being Italy, even climbers are presumed to want to eat well, and they do.

The accent, and the food, make me homesick:

Down from the heights into northern Lunigiana:

From the Emiliano-Reggiano side...a bit richer...