View Full Version : The end of classical Liberalism and the search for the truth

30-08-16, 20:03
The assassins can be found in western universities and in large segments of the media.



It's a very depressing analysis of where we are now. I just hope he isn't right about how this will all end.

Marcuse's philosophy was and is truly pernicious, in my opinion.

"At a certain point the cultural Left no longer made any pretense to being liberal, and transformed themselves into “progressives.” They have taken Marcuse’s thesis in Repressive Tolerance (http://www.marcuse.org/herbert/pubs/60spubs/65repressivetolerance.htm)to heart."

"Though I hope that Dreger and her fellow travelers succeed in rolling back the clock, I suspect that the battle here is lost. She points out, correctly, that the total politicization of academia will destroy its existence as a producer of truth in any independent and objective manner."

Every time I hear one of these millennials whining about "safe spaces" I want to smack them across the face, and that includes my niece, an Oberlin graduate. Sending her there was a mistake of enormous magnitude. I have no idea if the brainwashing can be undone. It's proof that you can distort even a fine mind.

31-08-16, 01:38
I never heard of this "safe place" thing before. Seems to be a designation for certain areas on a campus where homophobia, racism etc aren't tolerated. Sounds good to me if it outlaws bashing other races, orientations, religions or disabilities, but I'm unsure how extreme it is; that is are shirts with the American flag considered offensive or something? If so then...uh oh