View Full Version : Male pattern baldness and genetic prediction

04-09-16, 17:36


"AbstractMale pattern baldness can have substantial psychosocial effects, and it has beenphenotypically linked to adverse health outcomes such as prostate cancer and cardiovasculardisease. We explored the genetic architecture of the trait using data from over 52,000 maleparticipants of UK Biobank, aged 40-69 years. We identified over 250 independent novelgenetic loci associated with severe hair loss. By developing a prediction algorithm basedentirely on common genetic variants, and applying it to an independent sample, we coulddiscriminate accurately (AUC = 0.82) between those with no hair loss from those with severehair loss. The results of this study might help identify those at the greatest risk of hair lossand also potential genetic targets for intervention."

That's some predictability rate.

04-09-16, 19:16
Wow, we are getting much better in identifying relevant genes. 250 genes and their variations found in case of boldness!