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04-09-16, 19:48
New Lazaridis et al. paper "Genomic insights into the origin of farming in the ancient Near East":

"We report genome-wide ancient DNA from 44 ancient Near Easterners ranging in time between ~12,000 and 1,400 BC, from Natufian hunter–gatherers to Bronze Age farmers. We show that the earliest populations of the Near East derived around half their ancestry from a ‘Basal Eurasian’ lineage that had little if any Neanderthal admixture and that separated from other non-African lineages before their separation from each other. The first farmers of the southern Levant (Israel and Jordan) and Zagros Mountains (Iran) were strongly genetically differentiated, and each descended from local hunter–gatherers. By the time of the Bronze Age, these two populations and Anatolian-related farmers had mixed with each other and with the hunter–gatherers of Europe to greatly reduce genetic differentiation. The impact of the Near Eastern farmers extended beyond the Near East: farmers related to those of Anatolia spread westward into Europe; farmers related to those of the Levant spread southward into East Africa; farmers related to those of Iran spread northward into the Eurasian steppe; and people related to both the early farmers of Iran and to the pastoralists of the Eurasian steppe spread eastward into South Asia."


04-09-16, 20:01
So this is like a follow-up to the paper they just published?

04-09-16, 20:16
Yes but I think this has been published in Nature at Aug 25.

"A population without Neanderthal admixture, basal to other Eurasians, may have plausibly lived in Africa. Craniometric analyses have suggested an affinity between the Natufians and populations of north or sub-Saharan Africa, a result that finds some support from Y chromosome analysis showing that the Natufians and successor Levantine Neolithic populations carried haplogroup E, likely to be of ultimately African origin, which has not been detected in other ancient males from West Eurasia"

04-09-16, 20:52
Are there any new samples of Y-DNA haplogroups compared to the Pre-Print version?

05-09-16, 03:05
Are there any new samples of Y-DNA haplogroups compared to the Pre-Print version?

I'm guessing no.

Sounds like they may include more previously published genomes in a more detailed analysis of farmer expansion?