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10-09-16, 23:57
49 samples of Y-DNA extracted from bones of Medieval Norwegians are coming:

https://ep70.eventpilot.us/web/page.php?pag...16&id=160120939 (https://ep70.eventpilot.us/web/page.php?page=IntHtml&project=ASHG16&id=160120939)

They identified I1, R1a, R1b and Q haplogroups (but nothing about subclades):

(...) 49 (56.3%) brought a genetically male result. (...) As expected, an initial assessment of the Y-chromosomal haplogroups (HGs) showed that most of the samples were attributable to the main European HGs I1, R1a and R1b. However, one of the HTs seemed to be associated with HG-Q which is rare in Europe and hitherto little evaluated in this region. (...)