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Na-Dene populations descend from the Paleo-Eskimo migration into America"Prehistory of Native Americans of the Na-Dene language family remains controversial. Genetic continuity of Paleo-Eskimos (Saqqaq and Dorset cultures) and Na-Dene was proposed under the three-wave model of America's settlement; however, recent studies have produced conflicting results. Here, we performed reconstruction and dating of Na-Dene population history, using genome sequencing data and a coalescent method relying on rare alleles (Rarecoal). We also applied model-free approaches for analysis of rare allele and autosomal haplotype sharing. All methods detected Central and West Siberian ancestry exclusively in a fraction of modern day Na-Dene individuals, but not in other Native Americans. Our results are consistent with gene flow from Paleo-Eskimos into the First American ancestors of Na-Dene, and a later less extensive bidirectional admixture between Na-Dene and Neo-Eskimos. The dated gene flow from Siberia to Na-Dene is in agreement with the Dene-Yeniseian language macrofamily proposal and with the succession of archaeological cultures in Siberia."

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Was there any relationship between Na-Dene people and sami, who have hg N, R1a, I?

sami baby:

sami tipi

looks like american Indian pit house

Dene-Yeniseian speaking ket's doll

American Indian baby

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Eskimo-Aleut and Na Dene languages are structurally completely different, and it is interesting if Paleo-Eskimo in Greenland spoke a Na Dene language which belongs to a language family which is today spoken in American northwest.

Who are the modern Inuits then? According to the admixture analysis of this new paper (http://biorxiv.org/content/biorxiv/suppl/2016/09/13/074476.DC1/074476-1.pdf), Inuits are an admixture of green Beringian/Alaskan ancestry with c. 20% of Amerind ancestry, and if I remember correctly, already Malta1 carried c. 10% of Beringian/Alaskan ancestry. Saqqaq who is supposed to have arrived from Siberia rather late clearly carries c. 40% of more recent Siberian ancestry while Inuits do not. Also the mtDNA (D2a) and yDNA (Q1a-MEH2*) of Saqqaq man are Siberia-related and were probably introduced to America only at that time. By contrast, it looks like modern Na Dene and Inuit native mtDNA (mostly A2) and yDNA Q-M3 are local and not a result of any recent gene flow from Siberia.

Are there any other indications of a third migration of Inuits from Asia other than yDNA Q-NWT01 which reaches high frequencies in Inuits (Inuvialuit 45%, Inupiat 60%)? We know that Q-NWT01 has descendants in China (Q-M120). From the the mtDNA point of view, Inuits harbor some D2a and D4b1a which, according to this new paper, could be Na Dene-related. From the linguistic point of view, Eskimo-Aleut languages are unique and not really close to any language family on the Asian side.

Ancient yDNA would be very helpful to decide what is the relationship of Native American C-P39 (Na Dene, Inuits), Q1a-MEH2 (Saqqaq, Koryaks) and Q-NWT01 (Inuits, Na Dene) with Na Dene and Eskimo-Aleut language families.