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14-09-16, 21:28
Slovakia is one of most rich country to archeological objects and prehistory graves.
The majority of prehistory graves are bodies buried via cremation. But cremation is not probably problem for DNA for analysis, because in urn (in earthen jug/mug) are relative big pieces non-burned bones.

Archeologists in Slovakia explore approximately 5000 prehistory graves in different localities. It is large number.
Non-burned bones form prehistory graves are deposited in local museums in Slovakia (it it not public expose) .

This is old film archeological documentary from socialism langsyne. You can see jug from prehistory graves with non-burned bones. You can see cremation ceremony of funeral and bury.
If you professor on University or scientist you can with Slovak archeologist cooperation and help with genetic analysis.

Contacts to Slovak archeologiests

Slovak Academy of Sciences, archeology

University in Bratislava and Nitra, archeology

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15-09-16, 10:13
These are for example photos of prehistory burying grounds in very small village in Slovakia Kyjatice. It is very magical and mystical place, 200 graves, 1100 years before Christ. (In village Radzovce 1334 graves)8013Kyjatice culture Cinobaňa8015Nižná Myšla, bronze age8016Cremation8017Necropolis from the Bronze Age in Bytčica(Photo 14. 11. 2010)In Bytčica it was discovered more rare generational burial place from the Bronze Age. The discovery was preceded by archaeological research in the next motorway junction Lietavska Lucka to D1 (site Bytčica). Staff of the Archaeological Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences are uncovered graves dip. The people inhabiting this territory, the dead and the remains of burned borders harvested, sand the holes in them or ceramic urns, burial in Bytčica one of the major discoveries. It was examined in all sizes and found there are about 700 graves and 15 rock cairns. On the graveyard they were also found bowls, pots, cups, beads, chains and pins. Containers are richly decorated ribs and corrugated. They are divided into Lusatian culture, which was especially typical for the Bronze Age. Burial mounds on the terrace Rajčanka river, lying on the southwest slope. It is assumed that there are buried in it continuously for 400 years.8018======================================== ===========================These photos are only very small number examples of archeological objects in Slovakia