View Full Version : Classify this Polish girl and say what other ethnicities she could pass as

23-09-16, 00:55
She is a YT vlogger from my city. Maybe Alpinid + Cromagnid? Could she pass as French?:


23-09-16, 17:48
Pyra! http://emotikona.pl/emotikony/pic/037.gif

24-09-16, 17:40
She could easily pass for a French woman, we re so many types and crossings!
Cro-Ma? Not; too weak inferior jaw, even in breadth, too long nose (not specially the flesh but the allover "implantation" I think; more a kind of 'mediter' + some 'alpine' slight input, according to me;
all that concerning bones and flesh (&: the nose tip is not too 'mediter') - the eyes could evocate something 'asiatic' but I think it's more 'paint' effect than nature?...
all game, not science.

25-09-16, 01:39
Agree. Alpine with some Med. In order to know whether there's anything Siberian about her eyes you'd have to see her without all that eye-make up.

She could fit across a lot of Europe...pretty girl.

Maybe the same general type as Gemma Atherton in face, but not body of course. It's my pigmentation as well.


Well, she has a longer face in some pictures, so more Atlanto-Med plus Alpine in her case? Still gives the same general overall impression, though.


Is the young Elsa Martinelli closer"


Matilde Gioli is further off, I think...


25-09-16, 01:53
Without knowing her Polish-ness, I would've quickly guessed Korean or something

25-09-16, 02:16
I dare to say she has Siberian,

not only her eyes,
but also her face has that kind of 'flat' face that siberians have,

25-09-16, 02:32
Nice girl. Either she is to skinny or her head is a little bit to big...

25-09-16, 02:34
I would bet a substantial sum it's all make-up.

This is why you guys need a woman around. :)

It's all the rage now, the Kylie Jenner "cat eye", winged eye-liner look. There are tutorials all over youtube about it. You can see the downfall of western civilization right in front of your eyes. :) Kylie Jenner should be a role model? Or any of the "Kardashians?"She's practically changed her ethnicity with all this make up and surgery.


Kylie Jenner before and after:


I don't know, maybe she wanted to look like her sister Kim. What a horrible mother those girls had...

The eye look...

If you have really big eyes, as she does, you can sort of pull it off. If you have small or even average eyes, and eye lids, the lid will disappear.

25-09-16, 02:42
siberian 'flat' face



All face characteristics are 'touched' to a certain vertical level, sometimes even nose.

cheeks, chin, forehead, all same vertical, sometimes no brow,

25-09-16, 03:08
Tomenable, if this is her, the face make-up she wears in the video really changes her appearance. Without it she doesn't look as ambiguous at all, and much less like the pictures I posted. She looks very Polish, or Slavic in general.

https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/t51.2885-15/e35/12534451_631447406996061_1463316125_n.jpg?ig_cache _key=MTE3NzEwNjU5NjM4MzI5NTc5MA%3D%3D.2

https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/t51.2885-15/e15/11095644_470825096402224_1036061068_n.jpg?ig_cache _key=OTYwOTkxMzM1OTE3NTA0ODEz.2

30-09-16, 12:58
Something between "boreal" Scandinavia (SHG?) and Balkans (unknown).

02-10-16, 15:57
she looks like she has an ugrofinnic influence she doesnt look western european at all to me, she is too gracile, the skin is different. French people are very western and I find western europeans as having somehow thicker skin if that makes sense. She is slavic obviously but she has almost a bit of a tatar look. this look is common in many places in eastern europe, there are also slovaks like this, even my aunt has almost a mongolian type look to her face.

Dutch Michael Gilson
20-10-16, 00:34
Ye I would think she could pass for French. This would have been my first guess. Maybe Belgian or Swiss.

Dutch Michael Gilson
20-10-16, 00:36
Yes she could pass for French. That would have been my first guess. Perhaps Belgian or Swiss.

Dutch Michael Gilson
20-10-16, 00:37
I'd say French, Belgian, or Swiss.