View Full Version : IN 20-to-40 years human reproduction won't be through sex

25-09-16, 16:30

They may be off on the timing, but I definitely think it's coming...

"These new techniques will allow safe and easy embryo selection – but they will also open doors to genetically edited babies, "their own" genetic babies for same-sex couples, babies with a single genetic parent, and maybe babies from artificial wombs."

Partly driving the changes is advancement in the use of stem cells from skin, which will eliminate the expensive, risky, and uncomfortable harvesting of eggs from a woman.

As the raising of children becomes monetarily, logistically, and emotionally more costly, for fewer rewards, I think people will go for it, even if they aren't narcissists.

25-09-16, 19:32
Already is not through sex, at least for some couples.