View Full Version : R-M269 Is there a good indication whether the Welsh have R-M269?

10-10-16, 18:07
Hello all, I've had the (Y and autosomal) DNA tested for a male cousin of my wife and the Y-DNA result was R-M269. I've been reading about that group and now know that it covers a lot of ground. The family surname is variously Beven/Beavan/Biffin and the oldest known ancestor lived (born about 1765) in the Heytesbury area of Wiltshire. Since there were no other related families in the area I assume he came from elsewhere, and I'm guessing, originally from Wales.

One test of the autosomal results (Jim Cullen's World Haplogroup Predictor) give the probabilities at =>50% Irish Type III; =>24% C. Europe; =>5% S. Irish; and =>1% Irish/Continental.

These don't seem to give a strong indication of Irish ancestry but I haven't been able to find whether this could be Welsh or not. What do you think?