View Full Version : British TV series: Dr. Foster

29-10-16, 03:06
I just started watching a British tv series called "Dr. Foster" about the unraveling of a marriage. I only made it through one and a half episodes. The main character, a British doctor, after discovering that her husband was being unfaithful, told everybody with whom she came into contact, not just her best friend, but her colleagues, a patient, people in stores, everybody! I was appalled. Is this normal behavior in Britain or in other European countries? I couldn't keep watching it because the emotions and reactions didn't ring true.

I personally tend to tell people very little that's really private, and the few times I've broken my own rules about that sort of thing I've definitely lived to regret it. My nonna used to tell me that you'll never regret what you don't reveal, and I stick to that. No one can use against you what they don't know. I find the above kind of behavior rather inexplicable.