View Full Version : How to know more with an autosomal test ?

Vilnius Nastavnik
06-11-16, 00:09
Hi everybody,

I ordered, some months ago, several tests (autosomal, Y-DNA ans mtDNA) from FTDNA. On my autosomal results, 30% were South european. Is it possible to know better about what part of South Europe is implied in my DNA heritage ? According to what I know about the family of my mother, they are from spanish origin (moorish from Al Andalus-Spain). How could I confirm or not the spanish predicted origin ?

I didn't know where to ask so here I'm... Thank you for your help.

14-11-16, 14:46
there are several resources of information. Look where your close or distant matches come from. Try admixture tools on Gedmatch and one-to-many tool, too. Look for information about haplogroups. Compare your admixture with spreadsheets and oracle.
Good luck :)