View Full Version : Why is this site closed for the non-members?

14-11-16, 02:21
Just a feedback.

There is something new about this site. You have to 'log in' to read the posts. Why is this forum not open for everybody? It is now a 'closed' forum.

Sometimes I want to read the updates without to 'log in' with my personal account. Sometimes it is really annoying when you want to read something but you have to log in first. Many times I'm not at home and don't want to 'log in' on different computers.

Is there a reason why this obstruction exists? Is this only to attrackt more users or something? I don't think it is the right method to attrack more users. Mostly I skip sites where you need to make an account to read the posts.

Now I'm 'logged in' 24/7 on my personal machine ...

25-12-17, 00:32
Hej, I agree, I created an account just to read the forum, because I had started to read and was blocked at some point.