View Full Version : U152 Group D or DYS492 = 14

22-11-16, 18:26
Hello, there is a description of different sub-groups of R-U152 on the Family Tree DNA Project Group written by Tibor Fehér in 2010. I am trying to find more information, if possible, on the sub-group that he calls D Group because it shows "14" for DYS492 and is L2 negative. I think - as I await further testing - that it may be Z56 > Z72 on the tree.

Has anyone ventured a guess as to where this sub-group may have come from - and landed in south-west England - or perhaps how it relates to the larger U152 body of people?

06-12-16, 04:58
Z56 http://www.anthrogenica.com/showthread.php?7887-Distribution-map-of-Y-DNA-R-Z56-in-Italy



10-12-16, 18:22
Thanks brianco.