View Full Version : Dr Mcdonald results, can you help me?

24-11-16, 14:51

Dr Mcdonald has plotted me like this:

Red dot: Northeastern France/German border
Green dot: Southern France almost at the Northern Italian border.

Best fit: 80%Northern Italian + 20% Spain

good fit: 30% Northern Italian + 40% German + 30% Spain.

Why my red dot is situated there? Does it mean that my ancient roots are from that region?
I'm kinda lost with all these informations. Can you help me? How can I understand all this?

Thanks a lot

24-11-16, 18:17
It is approximation. Most of your DNA is similar to DNA of these populations. Here is more explanation how it works with population genetics: http://www.eupedia.com/genetics/

25-11-16, 00:01
Hey hello,
I have this 25 markers match on FTDNA, he is also northern Italian, but his last name is a Germanic name that has been italianised. It sounds nothing like Italian to be honest.
Then I decided to contact him, and he told me that we had this common ancestor that came from eastern Germany/Bohemian border on 1750, He entered Italy and he had 2 sons, and we come from one of them. His name was Franz Langscheidel, in Italy he became Francesco Langscedel.

I was thinking, maybe that's why my "red dot" is located at the German border of France, could it be due to that right??? Or because my region was also part of the Holy Roman Empire (Germany + Eastern France+ Northern Italy etc) from 800 till 1380.

And by the way I have 31% of northwestern European on DNA land, I don't know if it has something to do with the red dot.