View Full Version : Dramatic decline in dementia/alzheimer's rates

26-11-16, 15:43
If true, this is very good news. The moral of the story is to read, think, write, keep working. Use those brain cells. :)


26-11-16, 16:34
That plus strenuous aerobic exercise!

I've read once that poor neck posture and alignment can disrupt the arteries that go to the brain and people have developed those kinds of issues due to that.

26-11-16, 19:41
It is good news, hopefully that is the case. I once also read that a regular intake of tranquilizers and other mind altering drugs and maybe too much alcohol can also greatly contribute towards both conditions.

26-11-16, 20:03
Wonderful news, but I fear these rates might fluctuate with the aging of newer generations. I keep reading new stories of how so many things nowadays can contribute to dementia... like commonplace pollution from vehicles. Given the increase of possible instances to get exposed to things like this, amongst other things that could lead to the development of a variety of diseases, keeps us younger folk on the edge I think.. I'd like reassurance.

26-11-16, 23:12
As exciting as it is let's wait for more studies to confirm the trend. I think the trend will stay and perhaps accelerate, as new generations with even more education and exposure to lifelong learning and computer games will get 80 in 30 years.
I think they should compare elderly with exposure to computers and smartphones to ones without, in context of all type of dementia. I bet there will be a huge difference.