View Full Version : Trying to find my father

05-12-16, 19:02
I have been trying to find my true father. I have blue eyes but my mother has green eyes & my (alleged father has brown eyes.

Is it possible genetically that this guy is my real father ?

05-12-16, 19:32
Yes it's still possible. Your father may be carrier for the gene though he has brown eyes and all green eyed people carry genes for blue eyes. My mother has light green eyes and both her parents had brown eyes. It's still very possible. Most people of European descent weather brown, green or blue eyed carry genes for blue eyes.

01-01-17, 12:45
Yes it is possible. Gene responsible for blue eyes is OCA2/HERC2, rs12913832.

In order to have blue eyes, you need to have two derived alleles in that gene.

Your father probably has just one derived allele, which is why he has brown yes.

But you inherit one allele (copy of the gene) from mother and one from father.

You inherited only the derived allele from your dad, and also derived from mom.