View Full Version : Any J1c4's out there?

09-12-16, 02:59
I found I was from haplogroup J1c4. I know my maternal line is from Lithuania but J1c is not a common haplotype there. I am also wondering why the researchers only talk about migrations through the Balkans. What if our ancestors traveled by boats on the coastlines. The distribution maps suggest this. Any thoughts?

19-02-17, 19:37
J1c is relatively diverse, geographically speaking. It is interesting that we seem so focused on land routes, as many--if not most--of these migrations occurred by boat. Why bother cutting through prehistoric forests and scaling formidable mountain ranges when you could travel the path of least resistance? Waterways were the highways of the ancients. But whether J's diffusion is due to the use of watercraft or slow movements across land over time--that is an interesting question.

21-02-17, 13:25
I am J1c4. It is a rare haplogroup, most often seen in southern Sweden and in Denmark as far as I can see.
My most distant maternal ancestor was living on the island of Taasinge, Denmark in the second half of the 18th century.