View Full Version : Reconstruction of PPN 9500 year old skull from Jericho

13-12-16, 01:30
This is an article on it. He apparently was decapitated.


All the usual caveats apply that all such reconstructions should be taken with a grain of salt. In this case that goes double or more as the head was bound in childhood to broaden it both on top and in the back, so we don't know the original shape, and the jaw was missing, so it's unclear to me how accurate that and the mouth can be. Also, the nose looks rather short given the other skulls from Jericho.

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That said, he's certainly within the modern range of West Eurasian variation, in my opinion, and they've given him a very natural and "human" look.


This is another skull from Jericho. It seems quite different.


13-12-16, 02:46
I think the mask, the plaster head, shows it better than reconstruction.

Fire Haired14
13-12-16, 06:26
They should of given him hair and eyebrows to be more realistic.