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20-12-16, 20:55
I've tried to select some people a few generations back in my family, and people who are not as admixed (as far as I know) — there's some, but it would be interesting to see what people think these are.

They've been numbered underneath each picture for easier reference.


20-12-16, 23:07
Other than the obviously SSA and perhaps Amerindian admixed people, they look pretty standard northwest European to me.

The distinguished gentlemen wearing the intricate neck stock looks very familiar somehow. Is he widely known from historical narratives?

They're all very good looking people, if I may say so.

Were any of the totally European looking ones actually admixed?

21-12-16, 19:37
I take that as a personal compliment as they're all my forebears!
(Except the last one and probably the penultimate one)

Response here coloured in white to hide spoiler in case others want to make their own guesses without seeing any other information:

1. French Caribbean Creole.
Very distinguished family, part of the elite on the island, styled themselves as part of 'L'Ancien Regime', descended from aristocratic families in various parts of France. Possible admixture with SSA, though somewhat doubtful. Some English and Swiss in there as well.

2. East Indian
Brahmin paternal family, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
Unlikely to have any other mixture

3. Very mixed: Italian, Spanish, SSA, Amerindian

4. The distinguished gentleman, the grandfather of #3 — born in Corsica (before it was French), surname Agostini.
Gedmatch oracle admix suggests a percentage of Sardinian in his great-granddaughter which wouldn't have come from any where else.
He would not be known to anyone, wasn't famous. A merchant from Corsica emigrated to the Caribbean, became wealthy, lost it all before the end. I have shared that image with you before, so that might be where the familiarity is coming from. Looking back at my previous posts, it looks like we've been through all of this before! :)
I would not imagine any admixture, I've always supposed just Italian broadly.. no idea where exactly other than Corsica and perhaps Sardinia but I don't know much about the history of those places to know where they may have come from before that.

5. Scotsman, no admix.

6. Dutch & German from Surinam, with an L3e maternal haplogroup.

7. I'm actually not sure. Supposedly the father of a child that looks nothing like this. I imagined highly SSA with something else, but surname was Gonzales... His mother was described as "a Caucasian of English descent" but I don't see it.

8. Probably just English with some SSA but I'm not really sure.

What do you think after hearing those descriptions?